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Revival of charitable traditions in Ukraine is a foundation of bases of the Ukrainian business as a whole.

Only having joined our efforts we can change life for the better …


Lesia Sofienko

Honorary President of Charity Fund “Ridniy Dom” 

The name itself declares its main aim: to make Ukraine a native home for all the children who live in it. It is necessary to make a foundation of such a house today, supporting gifted children from not sufficiently provided families, orphan children and children with functional constraints.


To attract more force to the charitable activity a decision about foundation of the Fund  “Ridniy Dim” was taken. 


In the beginning of 2004 year the leading chemical industry enterprises of Ukraine, OJSC “Azot” (Cherkassy), OJSC “The Chernigov Chimvolokno” (Chenigov), CJSC “Rosava” ( Belaja Tserkov), at the support of AKIB “UkrSibbank” (Kharkov) and CJSC “Corporation Energotransinvest” (Kiev) became the main founders of the Fund. In April 2005 OJSC “The Kharkov tractor plant" has joined to activity of fund. Maintenance of harmonious development of the small person is the main purpose if the fund’s work.  The social help to unprotected children is priority. For development of the creative person of children the fund cooperates with groups and clubs of amateur performance, the fine arts and creative education. To the children physical abilities development are assisted by sport clubs and health improving groups with which the fund cooperates. And the most important is spiritual education; cultivating aesthetic values in future citizens of Ukraine. The Charity Fund “Ridniy Dim” together with Ukrainian Orthodox Church revives the primordial tradition of Christian Sunday schools in which from time immemorial children were getting ecclesiastical education together with education in ordinary schools.


The major task of the Fund is realization of charitable activity directed to render material and finance help as well as various services to children with functional constraints, to children from large and poor families, to children have suffered due to the Chernobyl NPP failure, to children, who are in especially complex and emergency conditions, children from not sufficiently provided families, to talented and creative children and youth and to gifted children.


For realization of tasks in view networks of local bodies and establishments of a social and spiritual direction are involved. The close cooperation with the state public medical and rehabilitation and educational establishments, the centers, the organizations and the Orthodox communities is arranged. The main principle of granting of the social help is its availability and addressing. The concrete help which is necessary for the child or family at the decision of inconvenient vital situations is given.









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