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During work of informal group of businessmen which some years rendered material and financial support the Tsurujpinsk children's home for handicapped children, and also carried out the home nursing treatment of children which required the qualified help in the Kiev medical centers, there was growing understanding of how much many children require the help. To involve more assistance forces to charities, there was made a decision on creation of Fund.

In the beginning of 2004 year the leading chemical industry enterprises of Ukraine, OJSC “Azot” (Cherkassy), OJSC “The Chernigov Chimvolokno” (Chenigov), CJSC “Rosava” ( Belaja Tserkov), at the support of AKIB “UkrSibbank” (Kharkov) and CJSC “Corporation Energotransinvest” (Kiev) became the main founders of the Fund. In April 2005 OJSC “The Kharkov tractor plant" has joined to activity of fund.

АKIB "UkrSibbank" (Kharkov) is included into group of the largest banks of Ukraine. “UkrSibbank” offers a full spectrum of bank services, consistently realizes a principle of an individual approach to clients: " We understand everything, we appreciate - everyone ". The trust of clients, the professionalism of collective and a 15-years operational experience allow “UkrSibbank” to develop actively and confidently to take a place in group of leaders.

ОJSC "Azot" (Cherkassy) is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine on mineral fertilizers production as well as ion-exchange resins, caprolactam and other chemical production. Today OJSC "Azot" is 43 industrial structural divisions which are placed on the area of 500 hectares. At the enterprise there are more than 6 thousand person works. Capacities at full loading can give about 3 million tons of mineral fertilizers in a year. Quality of production completely satisfies workers of Ukraine and CIS agriculture.  Constant activity of OJSC “Azot” on the global markets allows it also to have a stable market for mineral fertilizers in countries of Europe, Asia and America.

OJSC "Chernigov Chimvolokno" (Chernigov) is a leading Ukrainian chemical and textured fibers producer as well as single producer of cord fabrics in Ukraine. Production space takes more than 200 hectares, the modern equipment allows to produce of wide assortment of products. More than 800 enterprises of Ukraine as well as the nearest foreign countries received the products of  OJSC “Chernigov Chimvolokno”.

CJSC "Rosava" (Belaia Tserkov) is a leading company on the car tires producing.  Presently, “Rosava” produces more than 80 size types of tires for car, trucks, buses, microbuses, trolleybuses, agricultural and field vehicles. The product share of CJSC “Rosava” makes 60% at the car tires market in Ukraine. Products are exported to CIS and distant foreign countries.

OJSC "Kharkov tractor plant of Ordzhenikidze" (Kharkov) is a large producer of tractors in Ukraine.  The products of KTP not only meets demands of Ukrainian farm producers but also competes successfully in similar goods on global markets. 

CJSC “Corporation Energotransinvest" (Kiev) is a company, which develops and applies technologies of the investments, marketing and productions management into the chemical industry and heavy mechanical engineering. The corporation also has an operational experience and introductions of social programs which really work at the enterprises-partners.