Priority programs

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The Social programs are the priority in the activity of Charity Fund “Ridny Dim”. 

Social Work Program for children with developmental disabilities

The program is directed on the problem complex solving of children with developmental disabilities and their  families. Rendering material and psychological help to children with developmental disabilities does not only make better their state of health but it help them to adapt in community life. Children with diabetes, hearing disorder, diseases of intimately vascular system, cerebral palsy, congenital anomalies of development are under the care of Fund. further

Social Work Program for orphans and children remained without parental support

The program provides an address help to such children and includes the complex of acts on prevention of the occurrence reasons of social orphans and assistance in training of children, which are deprived the parental support, for independent life. Also it is rendered assistance in legalization of the documents on guardianship and receiving state help established by legislation to children without parental support. further

Social services of the enterprises-member of the team of fund always collect information about children who need help. Fund jointly with OJSC “Azot”, (Cherkassy), CJSC “Rosava” (Bela Tserkov), OJSC “Chernigov Chimvolokno” (Chernigov) and OJSC “The Kharkov Tractor plant”, (Kharkov) provides these children with clothes, foots, school accessories, free feeding, medical help, free recreation and psychological help in case if it is necessary. 

To present time there are more then 30 000 children under the care of Fund.