Directions of activity

Basic activity directions of Charity Fund “Ridny Dim” are the following:

Health support and medical supply

Assistance to recovery and sanatorium and resort treatment of children. Granting material support to carry out operation and treatment  and providing with necessary medicine. Examination of disable children are organized on regular basis by pediatrician and consultation of specialist-medics. It is organized a help in providing with hearing-aids and other rehabilitation and adaptation facilities and help to children need in-patient treatment is provided with.  further

Physical culture and healthy life-style

The fund in every way assists to organizing of culture and entertainment and sport activity. This both cooperation with sport sections and organization of training, intercourse, plays and work therapy for children with limited actions. Big attention is brought to attraction of children to engagement in  health groups and organization of mass sport and health actions at the level of enterprisers – members of Fund and regions. Recovery of children at the sanatorium and rest camps is financed in regular basis. further

Assistance to spiritual development of children

The most important in harmonious development of children is imbuing him with cultural wealth. Children is a future of Ukraine. And our responsibility is to create the conditions for their valuable and harmonious development. The Fund cooperate with Sviato Uspenska Pochaevska Lavra (Pochaev, Thernopol region), with churches of Bela Tserkov, Cherkassy, Chernigov and Kharkov eparchies and Sunday schools. It helps in purchasing of spiritual literature, acquainting children with cultural heritage in the  light of Orthodoxy.  further 

Development of child’s personality and cultural and mass actions.

Every child takes surrounding world as individual. And he shows his talent in certain circle. Someone likes to draw, someone makes applications, embroidery and makes wood working and someone takes interests in braiding. There are no non-talented children, you know. The creative works exhibitions, contests (with awarding with presents of winners) and festivals are organized for children. The cultural and mass actions where participants have opportunity to show their talent, aspiration for beautiful and unusual vision of surrounding world are carried out.  further

Training and Education

Since 2004 year the Fund started to practice of granting for education in high institutes of Ukraine and Kiev to graduates from needy families. Together with specialists in educational fields, the psychological consultations with purpose to determine of intellectual and social development level of a child are organized. In case of necessity, psychological and pedagogical correction of children is organized with attraction of proper specialists. Assistance to thousands families in the school accessories purchase is   granted in regular basis. further