Charitable Ukraine

Program "Charitable Ukraine"

Charitable Fund “Rodnoy Dom” initiates an all-Ukrainian charitable program “Charitable Ukraine”. The purpose of this program is development of charity culture in Ukraine. This program is developed to attract attention of society to necessity of participation in solving of social problems.

"Charitable Ukraine" is conducted at the support of  Ministry of culture and tourism of Ukraine, Ministry of family, youth and sport affairs, National TV and Radio company “UT-1”, with participation of Kiev state administration, Chernigov and Cherkassy municipal and regional state administrations.


The task of the “Charitable Ukraine” program are the following:

  • Creation of ideological platform to the new society formation building;
  • Developing of national idea of the charity in quality of component of national culture; 
  • Government, social responsible business and citizen stimulation to active participation in charitable activity and formation of moral codex of new generation of Ukrainians.



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