Children's holiday

The most dear, that adults have are children. Parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, tutors, the teacher at school do everything to protect children from bad and disappointments. In fact the destiny of each child as a whole makes destiny of new generation of Ukrainians.

Charity Fund “Ridny Dim” closely cooperates with children creative collectives.

In Cherkassy it is creative studio “Promintsi”, school and kindergarten for children with lacks of hearing, exemplary folk instruments orchestra of Palace “Friendship of nations”,  amateur arts activities groups “Beauty and Talant” and “Caprice” as well as boys chorus “Friendship” and show-group “Anfas” of  OJSC “Azot”, Cherkassy.

In Chernigov this is the sport and ballroom dances club “Aelita”, exemplary children dance group “Desnianochla”, amateur art activities groups of “Chernigov Chimvolokno”. Fund always cooperates with People Amateur Theatre of Fashion and Song "Fino", amateur arts groups such as  “Constellation of Lion”, “Ros”, “Happy Childhood”, “Arena” and “Humming Bird” of the Palace of OJSC “Rosava” in Bella Tserkov.

Since 2005 year fund has been starting to cooperate with children artistic groups of the Palace of culture of “Kharkov Tractor Plant”. There are children choreographic ensembles “Smena”, “Joy”, circus studio “Cascade”, exemplary song and dance ensemble “Friendly children”, vocal studio “Mister Class” and pop dance group “Icedora”. Now due to support of the fund, Children club of OJSC “KTP” is revived.

From 1st to 4th of June, 2005 variety of actions to Children Defense Day took place in Palaces of culture “Friendship of nations” (Cherkassy), “Ros”, (Bella Tserkov) and “KTP” (Kharkov) as well as in sport complex “Chemist” (Chernigov).

The concert and competitions for children of different age took place in Cherkassy. One of the most bright moment of holiday, that took place in Bella Tserkov, was competition of children’s drawing on asphalt, the winners of which were the pupils of Sunday school. Children have drawn a cathedral - a place of their spiritual life. In Chernigov in addition to the contests, also sports competitions took place, in which the pupils of Sport complex "Chemist" have taken part. And in Kharkov there was real festival taken place, within the frame of which there were gala-concert with participation of the best children art collectives from Cherkassy, Chernigov, Kharkov and Bella Tserkov, children drawing contest and games. The festival participants have visited Zoo and Children railway.

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Holding of celebrations to Knowledge Day in the beginning of September became as a good tradition. There is sign that in all cities celebrating of Knowledge Day begins with salutatory words of orthodox hierarchies. They bless children on training; in fact the true knowledge is impossible without Good.

During every holiday about 10 000 kids of the enterprisers workers, orphans and children with developmental disabilities receive the gifts and presents from the Fund.

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